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Aftermarket carbon fiber has just recently become popular with performance-minded car enthusiasts. Functionally, the best thing a carbon fiber hood will do for your vehicle is the weight savings. Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum yet twice as strong as steel according to the experts. Carbon fiber gloats one fifth of the weight and strength of steel. The lighter the vehicle, the better it will accelerate, stop, and turn. It's weight savings advantage is negligible since you'll be using it on a street car rather than on a race car.

In racing applications every pound shaved off the vehicle makes the rave more competitive, which is why carbon fiber is so widely used in professional racing. Its used in racecars that you might have seen in ALMS, Formula 1, and WRC. Seibon Carbon products are manufactured with only Grade A carbon fiber material. To stop and protect against fading, Seibon now integrates a marine grade gel coat with UV protection to lengthen the finish for maximum life before it needs any touchup. These products are made with the A grade carbon fiber raw material in all of the products. The same materials that are used on aviation, satellites, and rockets. Seibons team has dealt with carbon fiber for over 15 years. Each component is assembled using one-piece carbon sheet for a constant pattern.

Seibon stands strongly behind their products just so customers can have insurance when purchasing a Seibon product. The production technique allows for extraordinary resin/carbon proportions, leading to high stiffness and extra product durability. Seibons products are aerodynamically created to trigger maximum performance out of your vehicle. The Seibon product line will never come with clear coat chips or flakes, and also has a unique mix of high-tech resin that has extraordinary transparency.

Should you use hood pins for your item? Yes! Even though most of the hoods come with build-in latches, we suggest you use hood pins just for your own safety.

How to care for your Seibon Carbon products

Do you know how to care for Seibon Carbon products? To protect yourself from fading we suggest you take it to a body shop and have them clear coat the parts with automotive clear coat. If you would like to do it yourself, you would just scuff the product to 600 grit, so that your clear coat will stick. Upon being clear coat the parts will have at least 10 years of UV exposure protection. Treat it as paint even though its clear coat. We suggest that you just seal, and wax. Keep your product clean, minimize the exposure from the sun, and wax whenever necessary. The carbon products do come raw, and the consumer must protect the product once you receive it.

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