RaceWorz Car Show and Drag Race June 22 Sacramento CA


RaceWorz Car Show and Drag Race June 22, 2014 Sacramento Raceway

What is RaceWorz?

Where was this event hosted?

June 22nd at the Sacramento Speedway Park. 11am-5pm

Car Show: 

This is where you show off your pride and joy.

Show & Drag: 

We purposely are holding this event at a drag strip to give you the opportunity to do some fun runs down the 1/4 mile. How many car shows have you attended only to be sitting around for 5hrs doing nothing?? This event allows you a safe and legal way to have some fast fun and to really test out your build. You will also have a spot in the show car staging area to show off your ride too & be judged to win a trophy. You can do unlimited runs all day, just need to get in line again.

Event Coverage:

Check out our event coverage photos below. The day was hot well into the 90's for most of the day but that did not hamper the turnout. There was a very nice turnout with lots of cars from all over California in attendance. There was everything on display from stanced cars, VIP cars, tuner show cars, SUV's, lifted trucks and more.

RaceWorz Car Show and Drag Race 2014 Sacramento CA

raceworz car show and drag race 2014 sacramento ca