How to Upload Photo ID ?

(1) When a customer places an order using the "Local Pickup" shipping method (only for California residents), the Customer receives an update via email stating that their order is "Awaiting will call confirmation."

(2) As you click over the given link in email it will redirect you to our website to login and on the top left menu you will see My Orders. Upon clicking this your order view will display where you will need to do the following in order to complete your will call order.

You will need to upload your photo id. Click to My Orders and click link for (Add Photo Id) for uploading copy of photo Id which will be used at the warehouse when you pick up the order. There will be a choose file button where you can upload your image.

(3) Watch your email for update from with your will call appointment confirmation as well as the address for picking up your order.

Please be sure to inspect the item at pickup to be sure that it meets your requirements as well as that it is not damaged.

Please check supporting video, How to Upload Photo ID ?