Carbon Kevlar Wide Body EVO-X By Driven By Style LLC

In 2014 I had the opportunity to build my EVO-X GSR for the SEMA show to represent Spyder Auto. This build was very special to me as it was the first big opportunity I had to build a high exposure vehicle that I owned and had full control over every facet of the build. I had roughly 90 days to fabricate the one off wide body kit and do a ton of custom carbon fiber and kevlar overlay work that required resin to be applied layer by layer and then sanded and polished to glossy perfection. Admittedly some details of the build were not 100% perfect in time for SEMA but we made the deadline after a 34 hour marathon of final assembly and a 550 mile drive to Las Vegas to have the car there by the deadline on Sunday. The vehicle turned out better than I had imagined when I first had the idea that I am really going to do this; we are committing to a SEMA build.

I want to thank some very special people that were involved with the project including Al Cervantes who was there from the inception of this project and did all the design renderings for me. My connection with Al connected me with Anthony Thompson at Nutek Wheels and they were able to come through with the most amazing set of wheels I have ever seen in 19x12 specs specific to our wide body conversion.

Thank you to Robert Theys of Spyder Auto for giving me this opportunity by opening a spot for me in their SEMA display and providing the bad ass HID projector headlights and LED taillights fitted on the vehicle. Without Spyder's backing this build would have been a fantasy only.

Thank you to Jose at Megan Racing who provided Spec-RS Series Coilovers that provide ride height, camber, rebound and damper control.

Thank you to Rexpeed who helped us on the cost of a full carbon fiber interior upgrade package and other carbon accessories we will be featuring soon.

Thank you to CJ and the team at Infinit Graphx for their great work on all my vinyl, vehicle display stand and banner for SEMA.

Thank you to Sajy Mathew of Fuzion Marketing for help getting me in contact with industry partners and to help us gain exposure on this project.

Lastly thank you to my crew that was there day, night and sometimes all night to lend their personal talents and skills to the project. Suzie Lauj, Steven Deleon, Ricardo Grajeda, Steven Thoj, Kuv Tsis Kay (Junior), Feliciano Perez, and Brett and Windshield Pro's who came in personally on a Saturday to do our glass work so we could do our final assembly. Thank you to anyone I may have missed I really appreciate everyone's contributions into this project.

Driven By Style LLC Carbon Kevlar Wide Body EVO-X

Nicasio Valley California Photo Shoot with Robert Perez

EVO-X Wide Body Build From Concept to Reality

EVO-X Wide Body Gets One Off 3-Piece Wheels From Nutek Forged Wheels


Kandy Red Tinted Carbon Fiber by Steven Deleon

evo-x wide body kandy red carbon fiber

EVO-X Wide Body Front Splitter Fabrication

dbsevo front spiltter fabrication craig flango

EVO-X Wide Body Side Splitter Fabrication

evo-x wide body side splitter fabrication carig flango

EVO-X Wide Body Fabrication

evo-x wide body fabrication craig flango

EVO-X Carbon Kevlar Roof Overlay

evo-x carbon kevlar roof overlay

EVO-X Carbon Fiber Body Work Overlay

evo-x carbon fiber body work overlay