2008-2015 Mitsubishi EVO-X Cast Turbo Manifold Ceramic Coated

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As an Evo X owner you could have purchased a base model Lancer, but you chose the turbocharged 291hp Evolution model instead. Some may argue that the AWD system was their main motivation; While that may very well be true we're going to assume that, for the vast majority of you, the additional 139hp generated by the 4b11t powerplant sealed the deal. One dilemma...

Horsepower is addicting. And we've got a revolutionary new product that is sure to pique the interests of stock frame turbo owners everywhere. Drawing from our porting and tubular exhaust manifold design experience we've invested countless man hours into research and development of this manifold including 3D rendering, virtual flow testing, rapid prototyping, and ultimately flow bench testing to confirm that we have produced the best possible product for our customers. Yielding an astounding 22% average increase in exhaust flow over the OEM exhaust manifold and less imbalance this manifold will produce more power. Oh, by the way...

Your OEM exhaust manifold is most likely cracked, and it's only going to get worse. A bold statement indeed, but as one of the most popular resources for ported OEM exhaust manifolds we have been stock piling manifold cores for years. As of late it has become incredibly hard to find an OEM exhaust manifold without a crack in the collector. So what is the solution? The Investment Cast Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold for Evo X by MAPerformance!


•Meticulously optimized design yields a 22% average increase in exhaust flow over the OEM exhaust manifold with less imbalance between runners (check out our flow testing results above)
•Investment cast 310s stainless steel construction
•Factory heat shield provisions
•Includes (2) allen head bolts to ease installation of the manifold to cylinder head


•Performance. Increased exhaust flow and reduced imbalance between the runners will improve spool characteristics and produce more power.
•Durability. Constructed from 310s stainless steel to withstand cracking in the most demanding high temperature environments.
•Stealth. Whether it is your own personal desire to keep your upgrades on the down low or motivation from an external source you can simply install the factory heat shield and onlookers will be none the wiser.

Dyno Testing Results

Test Vehicle: 2010 Mitsubishi EVO X

Our testing vehicle has a built bottom end with a stock sleeved 2.0L 4B11T. The Turbo has been upgraded to a MAP EF4, while the car itself has been tuned on E85

Stock Manifold

•Dyno Room Temperature : 76 degrees
•Intake Air Temperature : 80.6 degrees at start, 84.2 degrees at end.
•Peak Torque Timing : 8 Degrees
•Peak HP Timing : 14 Degrees
•Full Boost Stock Manifold - 4937.5 

MAP Investment Cast SS Manifold

•Dyno Room Temperature : 78 degrees
•Intake Air Temperature : 82.4 degrees at start, 84.2 degrees at end.
•Peak Torque Timing : 8 Degrees
•Peak HP Timing : 14 Degrees
•Full Boost MAP Manifold (Without any changes to try and improve spool time) - 5031.25

As you can see from the dyno graphs above, the results speak for themselves, demonstrating impressive gains of up to 30hp and 16 ft lbs of torque to the wheels! Peak gains were made with 2psi less boost! Do yourself a favor and consider this Investment Cast Evo 10 Exhaust Manifold!

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Year Start2008
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