1989-1994 Nissan 240SX Buddy Club D1 Spec Damper Kit with pillow mounts

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"D1 SPEC DAMPER" from Buddy Club is the choice complete suspension setup with resemblance of our RACING SPEC damper's excellent attributes. It is cost effective and is well rounded for the budget minded weekend club racer. With optional urethane isolated aluminum upper mount design, engineered spring rates, 15 level damper adjustability, and ride height adjustment capabilities, the D1 SPEC DAMPER can accommodate any driver's preferences. With over 15 years of competitive racing experience, you can trust that your car will perform the way you want it to with quality components from Buddy Club. 

Specs and Features: 
1. Ride-Height Adjustable 
Vehicle ride height is adjusted independently of spring pre-load. With other alternatives available on the market today, vehicle ride height is adjusted by reducing or increasing the preload on the coil spring. This primitive methold leads to inconsistent spring rates that are dependent upon the vehicle ride height. With any of the Buddy Club suspension components, including the N+ SPEC, vehicle ride height is independent of spring pre-load. This method ensures that the spring rate is always consistent, no matter how high or low your car is. In addition, it ensures that the spring is always properly positioned onto the strut and effectively reduces miscellaneous and unnecessary noise. 

2. 15 Level Adjustment 
Suspension adjustability is a key element when selecting a top quality coil-over system. The N+ SPEC DAMPERS are designed to accommodate a wide range of driving conditions from regular roads to prepared racing surfaces. Dampening settings ranges from hard (+4kg/mm) to soft (-4kg/mm). These kits will also include urethane isolated upper pillow-ball mount. The urethane isolating ring keeps suspension noise to a minimal while maintaining the precision feel of a solid mounted strut. 

3. Mono-Tube type shell case 
The shock-body is constructed out of cadmium plated steel and is finished with beautifully anodized precision CNC machined aluminum ends. Urethane bushings are used when applicable to ensure a top quality product. 

4. Exclusive Buddy Club Springs 
In a complete suspension setup, the coil-spring is a very key element. The coil-springs used on all Buddy Club suspension setups are specially made to exacting specifications by Buddy Club engineers. Each coil spring is manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure performance in every demanding situation. 

5. Beautifully Finished 
To ensure that the D1 SPEC Dampers stay looking superb through your years and years of ownership, each precision CNC machined aluminum component is beautifully burgundy anodized and each steel component is cadmium plated for corrosion resistance. Great attention to detail was taken to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with your ownership of Buddy Club components. 

6. Prices starting at only $890/set! 
You will be hard pressed to find a comparable suspension solution to suit your demanding needs. With Buddy Club, there is no trial and error. Complete coilover kit starts at our low price of $890; with pillow-ball upper mounts start at only $1180 

7. Floating racing spring bearing seat 
This bearing seat is developed based on data acquired from various competitions and racing experience. It is a brand new design in order to prevent the vibration noise of the spring on the Macpherson systems. It will increase the overall performance of the suspension by decreasing the twisting tension between the spring and the damper. 

Buddy Club D1 SPEC Dampers come complete with all necessary adjusting tools and installation components. Installation can be performed by the avid do-it-yourselfer, and technical assistance and support is available by calling our office.

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Year1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994