What is Duraflex

What is DURAFLEX and why should you purchase a DURAFLEX BODY KIT for your vehicle?


Duraflex is a popular aerodynamics brand owned and manufactured by Extreme Dimensions, Inc. a world renowned automotive aerodynamics company headquartered in Fullerton CA. With a 50,000 square foot distribution center, they currently manufacture and distribute over 7,000 products globally including North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. From humble foundations in 2000, they have striven to offer the largest variety of premium aerodynamic products at the most affordable prices. Through the years, they have surpassed industry standards by dedicating ourselves to excellent customer service.

Extreme Dimension's new DURAFLEX technology is a revolutionary product which combines fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins to obtain its unique features. DURAFLEX products obtain a much higher durability rate than the average fiberglass product, reducing shipping damages up to 75%. Every DURAFLEX product is inspected through a rigorous quality control process giving consumers the highest quality product available with superior craftsmanship. This process ensures that DURAFLEX products are free from normal fiberglass deficiencies including waviness, spider cracks, chips, and gel coat damage. DURAFLEX products come finished with a shiny black gel coat, high quality mesh, hardware kit, and an installation guide. With such attention to detail, DURAFLEX products are surprisingly affordable, roughly 50% of the cost of a comparable high quality JDM product. DURAFLEX products include many advantages of both fiberglass and poly- urethane aerodynamics, while leaving out most of the disadvantages. In essence, our new DURAFLEX products will give you the highest quality product at the most affordable prices.

• High Quality 6 oz. Fiberglass (up to 25% thicker than traditional fiberglass aerodynamics)
• Signature Black Finish
• High Quality Mesh Grille (where applicable)
• General Instruction Guide
• Hardware Kit
• Reduced Damage Rate Up To 75%

What Duraflex is
NOTDuraflex is not a urethane like material and does not flex like urethane or plastic bumpers.  Duraflex is a fiberglass reinforced plastic product (FRP) which utilizes a proprietary resin formula that resists shatter and cracking better than traditional fiberglass body kits produced in the late 1990's and early 2000's. This method of FRP manufacturing results in a stronger more durable product that is not as prone to damage from being flexed mildly. Some Duraflex products will be more flexible than others depending on the complexity of design and the amount of vents and compound as well as convex shapes the part has.
Duraflex Product Guarantee
Our customer guarantee is that you can return your item within 30 days of receipt for any reason as long as it is returned in the original packaging and you pay for all shipping charges; original shipping fees are non-refundable. Products are non-refundable if altered in any way. It is recommended that the part be installed by a professional body shop that has experience working with aftermarket fiberglass and urethane body kits. Paint and installation process will include but are not limited to sanding, shaving, cutting and filling. Extra fees may be incurred for proper fitment. Refunds will not be issued due to minor fitment issues. All parts are for off-road and show use only.
Installing Duraflex Aerodynamics Products
With Duraflex brand aerodynamics you will need to be prepared for the same installation process as any other fiberglass based product. These parts are not paint ready when they are popped out of the molds and will require that they first be dry fit on the vehicle, then mark and drill all mounting holes, and complete a mock up installation before any paint preparation is started. In most instances you will be re-using much of the factory hardware when installing Duraflex Aero Parts but it is also common that additional support brackets and hardware will need to be fabricated or modified to complete a quality installation. Some amount of trimming, grinding and sanding will be needed to achieve proper fitment and panel gap alignment. With bumper covers most often the factory 5mph bumper support will need to be altered or removed to fit properly. All customers need to be advised that with aftermarket aerodynamics that are fiberglass based (which Duraflex is) that they will require some amount of finishing work to be paint ready as well as fitting work to clean up seams from the mold as well as proper panel gaps to achieve an OEM quality installation.  We do not want any customers to purchase an FRP based product and expect to be able to take it directly from the box and bolt it onto their vehicle. Always use a body shop that is familiar and experienced with custom auto body as well as fiberglass to have the least painful installation experience.  Collision repair shops are the last place to take a custom job to so make sure to do your homework and check out the shop that you commission to do your work and request to see photos of their past projects as well as customer testimonials.
Painting Duraflex Aerodynamics Products
Duraflex brand aerodynamics will follow traditional FRP (fiberglass) preparation where every visible inch of the finish will need to be sanded to eliminate any blemishes including gelcoat chips, scratches, pin holes etc. By block sanding the finish you will be able to see the straightness of the product as well as anything that will need to be glazed with finish body filler. The finish on Duraflex brand aerodynamics is just a basic primer coat that was used to help the part pop free from the mold when it was originally laid up. This is not a surfacing layer intended to be directly painted or to be installed without paint as it lacks UV protection. The more time spent on prep the better the finished install and quality of the paint job will be. Once the part has been totally prepped we suggest using a high build primer suitable for FRP to be sprayed and wetsanded before the base coat and clear coat is applied. High build primer will provide a thickness of finish applied on top of the part that can be easily sanded and checked for perfection.
Repairing Duraflex Aerodynamics Products
Duraflex brand aerodynamics are completely repairable if you have an accident or cause damage to your vehicle after your parts are installed. These parts are treated as FRP (fiberglass) and can be repaired using fiberglass resin, mat and body filler.