We have created an online customer service claim system available 24 hours a day that allows you to file a customer service claim via your customer account on the website from where you placed your order. This system allows you to request service for warranty issues, damaged shipments, defective products and more.

All orders from Driven By Style LLC are drop shipped from various product manufacturers and distributors across North America. This system collects all the information on your case as well as any visual evidence supporting photos that are needed to detail your case. This gives us the best and fastest method to ensure your claim is updated in a timely fashion and that no issues can fall between the cracks. Our customer claim system is monitored from 9AM-5PM PST Monday - Friday by our support staff in Sacramento CA and each morning all manufacturers or vendors with open warranty and service claims are automatically e-mailed for a status update. In addition this system gives you access 24/7 to add additional information to the claim or to request an update.

To submit a customer service claim please use the top mid menu for "Help Center" then scroll down and click "Customer Service Claim". If you are currently logged in to your account you can also access the claim system by clicking here.

You will see your order history on screen with a button to the right of each order for "Customer Service Claim". Follow the on screen instructions to select the form that applies to your type of problem. Please fill out the form and upload any photos that are requested to resolve the problem with the manufacturer/distributor from where your order shipped.

You will receive an e-mail within minutes to confirm the customer service claim was received by our staff. This claims process typically takes 1-3 business days.