SEMA 2014 Event Coverage Photos by Craig Flango

The 2014 SEMA Show was bigger and better than ever with amazing builds everywhere you turn

This year the biggest focus seemed to be on the lifted truck market and Jeeps. We got to see numerous builds that really stood out with some extreme examples such as the cover shot Jeep that had a crowd formed around it all week long. SEMA isn't all about the extreme as it also caters plenty to the market of getting the most use out of whatever you drive. Lift kits, running boards, front grilles, lighting upgrades the options were endless with what you can do with a modern truck or SUV.

Sport compact and import performance continues to be a major market and we are excited to see it evolving as new technologies and innovations come to the aftermarket.  The days of adding a simple air intake and exhaust are long gone with vehicles growing more complex every year.  Welcome to the age of the modern tuner where you will make as much power through software and tuning as you will through upgrading hardware components in most cases. SEMA had all the major tuners and performance component manufacturers on hand with their newest offerings.  2015 is going to be an exciting year as all these new items make their way to market.

Wheels and tires are always a huge part of the SEMA show and 2014 the envelope was pushed even further with so many hot new innovative styles and finishes being used.  We got to see many unique wheels that were plated with copper, rose gold as well as carbon fiber lips, brushed finishes with kandy clear and much more. Nutek Forged Wheels was one of the companies that really stood out at SEMA with some of the most exciting new styles, finishes and designs.

Into hot rods and classic vehicles?  SEMA had plenty to offer here and our favorite build of the show had to be the Jet Hot Booth with