Rob O'Malley's 1999 Acura TL Supercharged Custom Build

Robert O'Malley's 1999 Acura TL Supercharged 6 Speed goes under the knife

Check out this Acura TL at Driven By Style LLC that is undergoing a complete styling makeover and and taking the performance to the next level.  This TL features a built and swapped 3.2S motor and 6 speed manual transmission that was put together by

1999 Acura TL OEM Spoiler Refinishing in Carbon Fiber

acura tl carbon fiber spoiler

1999 Acura TL ISC Coilovers Installation

acura tl isc coilovers install

1999 Acura TL Supercharged Performance Upgrades

acura tl supercharged

1999 Acura TL Custom Body Kit Fabrication

acura tl custom body kit

1999 Acura TL Custom Heat Extractor Hood Fabrication

1999 acura tl custom heat extractor hood fabrication

1999 Acura TL Custom Lip Wing Fabrication

1999 acura tl custom lip wing

1999 Acura TL Custom Wide Body Fender Flares 50MM Per Corner

acura tl wide body kit

Metal work for fender clearance of wide body

acura tl fender modification

Shaved body side moldings and frenched door handles

acura tl shaved doors

Acura TL Trunk Layout and Equipment

acura tl trunk install

Custom oil cooler installation with hand fabricated air guides

acura tl oil cooler install

First coat of primer with Claussen Z-Chrome Rust Defender Sprayable Body Filler

acura tl wide body primer

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