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Projector Headlights Buyers Guide

Why should I upgrade to Projector Headlights?

There are so many reasons, one big on could be the safety and effectiveness of the lumens output. This can dramatically increase your visibility on the road and make you and other drivers aware of possible hazards. Another simple reason could be just for the look of it, maybe something more modern and sleek that stands out. There are so many new designs that have come out with over the past years from the OEM manufacturers and have managed to stay one step ahead of the aftermarket for automotive designs. Many vehicle enthusiasts want to upgrade their older vehicles with the newest hottest styles in vehicle lighting and the aftermarket has responded with tons of new projector style headlights with halo, LED and light tube accents.

How do Projectors work?

Projector Headlights refer to the actual headlight fixture within the headlight housing. In a projector headlight, the bulb is positioned in front of an elliptical-shaped reflector. Where a conventional parabolic type reflector reflects light outward in a dispersed pattern, the elliptical reflector reflects the light toward a single focal point in front of the bulb. A shutter, which projects up from the bottom of the light fixture, is positioned near the focal point, where it partially blocks the beam so the light shines downward. In simpler terms projectors are designed to take the round projector housing and direct that beam of light into a steady beam creating maximum light available for that bulb onto the road directly in front of you. This is done by the light hitting a metal plate in the bulb reflecting in the shape and out casting the design as a projection.

What kind of bulbs do Projector Headlights use?

These headlights will take the bulb that is designed for specific headlight application (check your applications size). The bulb style is the same as a traditional headlight but it uses the projection method to create a more focused light source and the bulb brightness/color choice is up to you. (Be sure to check if you will need to upgrade bulb and wattage). You can use HID/LED upgrades in some projector headlights. Check your application before ordering HID conversion.

HID Projector Headlights Compared to Halogen Reflector Headlights

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