2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Front Splitters Now Shipping

Driven By Style LLC has released it's first 3 splitter options for Infiniti G35 Coupe. Our first splitter option we offer for the G35 Coupe is our fiberglass version. This G35 Coupe Splitter is manufactured with glossy white gelcoat finish that is ready for primer and paint match at your local body shop or can be vinyl wrapped. Secondly we offer G35 Coupe carbon fiber splitters in 2x2 twill as well as honeycomb carbon fiber. Whichever splitter you chose it is going to look great on the front of your G35 Coupe!

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Front Splitter - Fiberglass

Our G35 Coupe Fiberglass Splitter is a vacuum infused product and not hand laid fiberglass. This means the finished part weighs in approx 1/2 the weight of a hand laid fiberglass splitter of equivalent strength. We use a specialty infusion fiberglass product called rovicore for these splitters. Rovicore is a chopped strand fiberglass mat that is stitched together with a binder as well as a center breather layer that makes it ideal for infusion layup. The result is a product with superior finish, strength and minimal weight. This is no cheap flimsy made in China Splitter! Click here for product and ordering information.

G35 Coupe Fiberglass Splitter

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Carbon Fiber Splitter 2x2 Twill

The second G35 Coupe Splitter we offer is our 2x2 Twill Carbon Fiber version. This splitter is vaccum infused with 3 layers of 5.7 oz 2x2 twill carbon fiber with rovicore backing. The average weight of these splitters is just 2.5 lbs! Each splitter is finished cosmetically after vacuum bagging and we offer a UV clearcoat service for an additional $125. This provides a glass smooth finish as well as up to 10 years of UV protection from the sun's harmful rays. We are currently running a promotion for the next 5 orders with coupon code uvprotect to offer free clearcoat upgrade.

Q50 Carbon Fiber Splitter

2003-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe Carbon Fiber Splitter Honeycomb

Finally our third splitter we offer for the G35 Coupe is our honeycomb carbon fiber version. This splitter is made in same manner as our 2x2 twill version but with a surface layer of designer honeycomb carbon fiber cloth. The result is an absolutely stunning 3D weave that looks deep and dimensional. This is our most popular offering for G35 Coupe and Q50 Sedan owners doing a VIP theme with their cars.

Q50 honeycomb splitter

Vacuum Infusion Manufacturing

Every splitter option we offer is made via vacuum infusion. This process produces the lightest and strongest product in both fiberglass and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber or fiberglass is laid into the mold dry and then vacuum bagged under -30 inches of mercury per square inch and this pulls the reinforcement very tight to the mold surface. Therefore the finished product  is completely uniform across the surface with no voids or distortion. In conclusion this is a premium manufacturing method for premium products produced as a result.

Vacuum Infusion Splitter

Vacuum Infusion