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Are you looking to add some fresh performance to your vehicle? For instance we sell AEM Air Intake Systems that blend high performance with high quality  and incredible styling. Secondly AEM air intake systems are world famous for producing reliable horsepower. Furthermore we offer a lowest price guarantee and free shipping on all AEM air intakes. Finally Driven By Style has been shipping AEM products to customers all over the globe for the last 10 years. In other words we have the experience you can trust and low pricing that will help your budget. In conclusion our staff is standing by to answer any questions you have about AEM products. Please view the catalog links in the bottom of this page to view what we carry for your ride.

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At AEM, we take aftermarket design and engineering to the next level. AEM provides fantastic quality, cutting-edge design, and supreme performance. Just like you, the AEM staff wants performance from our daily drivers—and we don’t like to compromise. If you’re ready to give your vehicle a boost in both performance and protection, you’ll find rigorously-tested AEM performance parts that will help you take your street performance to the next level.

AEM Air Intakes


AEM air intake systems can provide an increase in horsepower and torque. Secondly the included filter which protects your engine from contaminants. Furthermore you can go up to 100,000 miles between services under normal highway driving conditions. Finally you’re protected under our Lifetime Limited Warranty! Search for your vehicle’s make and year to view AEM air intake systems.

Why Choose AEM


At AEM, we take aftermarket design and engineering to the next level—providing fantastic quality, cutting-edge design, and supreme performance. Since 2003, AEM has manufactured performance parts for many Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our experience in providing OEMs with performance products has allowed us to raise the bar. The demanding validation processes used by these OEMs has been integrated into the manufacturing of other AEM performance products—helping us ensure industry-leading quality.

AEM Intake Systems Free Shipping


Our engineers incorporate advanced equipment and software during the development of AEM performance products, and use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Simulation, Dimension 3D Printing, and Faro Coordinate measuring machines to create intake systems that are on the cutting edge of design. Bottom line—these technologies allow AEM to deliver real power gains you can feel! AEM products undergo rigorous testing and validation requirements.

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