Carbon Fiber Hood Catalog

Are you searching for a carbon fiber hood to install on your vehicle? You have come to the right place. For instance we offer a vast selection of carbon fiber hoods from brands including Anderson Composites, Carbon Creations, RK Sport, Seibon Carbon, VIS Racing and many more. As a result we have created this catalog to showcase our collection of carbon fiber hoods browse-able by vehicle make and model. Additionally our carbon fiber hoods are always listed at the guaranteed lowest price. This means if you find a carbon fiber hood cheaper on another website please contact us and we will beat it. Secondly our team is extremely experienced with carbon fiber hoods and composite products in general. We have in house carbon fiber experts and fabricators on staff and can give you expert technical support. In conclusion we aim to be your one stop shop for carbon fiber aerodynamics and accessories.

How do our hoods install?

All of the carbon fiber hoods that we offer are bolt on products. For instance all hoods include OEM mounting points for the hinges as well as an OEM style latch. Carbon fiber hoods weigh considerably less than a stock steel hood. Because of this you will not be able to use hood lifters designed for a heavy metal hood for instance. You can use hood lifters rated for a carbon fiber hood without risking putting strain on the mounting points. Additionally we do suggest using hood pins in addition to the stock latch. Latch failure on a composite hood can occur overtime if safety pins are not used because the latch is bonded in and not a welded or mechanical connection. Secondly your carbon fiber hood will have limited UV protection from it's polished gelcoat finish. As a result we suggest that our customers have a local autobody shop clearcoat the hood. For instance automotive clearcoat is optimized for UV protection and can keep your hood looking new for up to 10 years. Finally to keep your carbon fiber hood looking it's best you treat the finish the same as you do with paint by applying wax and polish. In conclusion not only does a carbon hood look great but it reduces weight and applications that include vents will also improve cooling performance.


Browse for hoods by vehicle make

Audi Carbon Fiber Hood BMW Carbon Fiber Hood Cadillac Carbon Fiber Hood
Chevrolet Carbon Fiber Hood Chrysler Carbon Fiber Hood Dodge Carbon Fiber Hood Ferrari Carbon Fiber Hood
Ford Carbon Fiber Hood Honda Carbon Fiber Hood Hyundai Carbon Fiber Hood Infiniti Carbon Fiber Hood
Jeep Carbon Fiber Hood Kia Carbon Fiber Hood Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Hood Land Rover Carbon Fiber Hood
Lexus Carbon Fiber Hood Maserati Carbon Fiber Hood Mazda Carbon Fiber Hood Mercedes Carbon Fiber Hood
Mini Carbon Fiber Hood Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber Hood Nissan Carbon Fiber Hood Pontiac Carbon Fiber Hood
Porsche Carbon Fiber Hood Scion Carbon Fiber Hood Subaru Carbon Fiber Hood Tesla Carbon Fiber Hood
Toyota Carbon Fiber Hood Volkswagen Carbon Fiber Hood

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