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Lowering Your Car with Coilovers an Aftermarket Buyers Guide

stanced wrx on coilovers

About Aftermarket Coilovers and Adjustable Damper Kits

Welcome to our coilovers buyers guide. Here we will attempt to educate you a bit on what coilover kits are, how they install and what brands we offer for sale. The first modification many of our customers do when they start customizing their vehicle is a new set of wheels and tires and to lower the ride height to get rid of that ugly wheel well gap. Nine out of ten customers would agree that coilovers offer you the best range of adjustment to get the ride height perfect, the ride quality to where you want it to be and the best end performance over other setups such as lowering springs where you have a static ride height that cannot be adjusted or air ride systems that are often floaty and not something sports oriented drivers want.

What are coilover damper kits and what do they do?

Coilover damper kits also referred to as coilovers are the most popular form of aftermarket suspension kits for drivers that demand the best performance and the most versatility in adjustment both in ride stiffness vs. softness (damper/rebound) as well as ride height adjustment. This allows vehicle owners to set the ride quality to what they want for street driving but still have the ability at the twist of a knob to make the ride much more stiff for performance and track driving as well as having the ride height they want. Most coilover kits have at least 3

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