Lowering Your Car with Coilovers an Aftermarket Buyers Guide

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About Aftermarket Coilovers and Adjustable Damper Kits

Welcome to our coilovers buyers guide. Here we will attempt to educate you a bit on what coilover kits are, how they install and what brands we offer for sale. The first modification many of our customers do when they start customizing their vehicle is a new set of wheels and tires and to lower the ride height to get rid of that ugly wheel well gap. Nine out of ten customers would agree that coilovers offer you the best range of adjustment to get the ride height perfect, the ride quality to where you want it to be and the best end performance over other setups such as lowering springs where you have a static ride height that cannot be adjusted or air ride systems that are often floaty and not something sports oriented drivers want.

What are coilover damper kits and what do they do?

Coilover damper kits also referred to as coilovers are the most popular form of aftermarket suspension kits for drivers that demand the best performance and the most versatility in adjustment both in ride stiffness vs. softness (damper/rebound) as well as ride height adjustment. This allows vehicle owners to set the ride quality to what they want for street driving but still have the ability at the twist of a knob to make the ride much more stiff for performance and track driving as well as having the ride height they want. Most coilover kits have at least 3

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Driven By Style LLC Coilovers and Adjustable Damper Kits

BC Racing Coilovers

  • Our BR model is perfect for street driving and occasional road course duty. With easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine tuning your compression/rebound and separately adjustable ride height, having a performance coilover system couldn't be any easier. You choose how low or high you want your vehicle, no preset ride height here, and our patented concave lower locking ring keeps it locked in. All of our systems come with pillowball mounts to provide the most feedback possible from your suspension and to sharpen your steering response. BC's available front and rear camber plates also allow you to get the perfect alignment setup without compromise. All this while providing a strong, attractive looking coilover system. ...

Function Form Coilovers

  • FUNCTION & FORM AUTOLIFE INC. is more than a company name to us. It is a philosophy and an approach we take in building our brand and the products that we create. Conceived in 1999, and brought to fruition in 2005, we are on a mission to inspire the world with our products and concepts. ... Whatever your type Function Form has you covered!

Godspeed Project Coilovers

  • Godspeed Project has released their hot new coilovers product lines and they are exceeding everyone's expectations. Check out what we have for your vehicle by About Mono SS Coilovers Godspeed Project's MonoSS is our single-adjustable coilover suspension kit designed for both race and street use. The MonoSS coilovers feature a 53mm monotube shock and cold wounded springs that are made from high strength SAE9252 steel to optimize the balance between performance and comfort. A monotube design separates the gas and shock oil which yields consistent shock performance lap after lap. The top hat is attached to the car via a pillowball mount that incorporates high performance Japanese KOYO 6204Z bearing. The MonoSS offers 16 damper adjustments which adjusts both rebound and compression. Our coilover suspension kit includes a 1 year warranty. About Mono Max Coilovers Godspeed Project's MonoMAX is our premier'single-adjustable coilover suspension kit. These coilovers are designed for both race and street use. The MonoMAX coilovers feature a monotube shock that is made out of a 52mm seamless carbon steel tube with a 44mm internal piston providing maximum strength and damper response. Cold wounded'springs are made from high strength SAE9252 steel to optimize the balance between performance and comfort. Race quality Italian shock oil ensures consistent fluid viscosity in a wide range of temperatures which yields to consistent shock performance lap after lap. The CNC aluminum top hat is attached to the car via a pillowball mount that incorporates high performance Japanese KOYO bearing. The lower shock brackets are made out of light weight T7075 forged aluminum. The Mono-MAX offers 40 damper adjustments which adjusts both rebound and compression. Our coilover suspension kits includes a 1 year warranty.

Megan Racing Coilovers

  • Megan Racing has been around since 2001 and has made a big name for itself. With sponsorships ranging from D1 drift events to building insane cars for grip events. Many tuners today would vouch for Megan's coil-over line. Megan Racing offers coilovers that suits everyones needs from those just looking to make their cars as low as possible to those looking for true performance on the race track... What are the different product lines available for Megan Racing Coilovers? EZ Street Series EZ Street Series II Euro Street Series Street Series Street LP Series Spec-RS Series Track Series Swift Track Series

K Sport Coilovers

  • Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology for your vehicle, both on the street or at the track. 36 levels of damping adjustment allow fine tuning of the damper to suit both handling and comfort needs. The damping adjustment alters compression and rebound simultaneously, for more effective and user-friendly setup changes. Pillow ball top mounts in the front and rear on some applications allow the vehicle to install and setup to OEM specifications. Ksport's patented upper pillow ball mount offers the same level of adjustability and performance, but allows for compliance that is often required from high-demand strut applications. On applicable models, the pillowball upper mounts offer camber adjustment, saving the need for a special, separate camber kit. For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in adjustability, Ksport's advanced upper pillow ball mount is available on some applications, giving the option for separate camber and caster adjustment.

ARK Performance Coilovers

  • ARK Performance brings ground-breaking finest quality damper kits that give defined comfort and balanced corner handling. To sophisticate our drivers without loosing their performance results, ARK damper kits offer diverse series adaptable to specific driving conditions. ST-P Series, designed to adapt to all of your driving conditions, will create the harmony between power and stability which you demand. The full length adjustment system gives you the freewill to place various set-ups to meet your needs for specific road conditions. Hard rubber upper and lower mount designs in ST-P series absorb noises as well as vibrations to allow the cabin for quiet operation while still offering flawless suspension proofing.

Tein Coilovers

  • TEIN type BASIC damper offers a high quality coilover system at an entry level price. Drivers will feel in increase in stability, and grip, while maintaining good ride quality on the street and freeway. A shortened shell case is utilized to allow for better ride and improved performance at lowered ride heights. BASIC damper is a great option for consumers wanting a simple and quality made coilover. Each application is test fitted and road tested to ensure the best possible balance between comfort and performance on the street. Includes ride height adjustment to give your vehicle a minor to major drop.

D2 Racing Coilovers

  • Since 1996, D2 Racing has specialized in the development and production of high performance suspension and brake components for both street and off-road use. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast or a devoted track competitor, D2 Racing has you covered with hundreds of coilover applications, big brake kits, lowering springs, air suspensions, suspension tuning components, and accessories. All D2 Racing products are designed, built, and tested in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and meet the highest quality control standards.D2 Racings North American division has been sharing your passion for motorsports since opening our east coast offices in 2002. As fellow enthusiasts, we are deeply rooted in the automotive industry and have the insight needed to help you achieve your goals. In 2012, we opened our west coast office to better serve our customers and dealer network.