2003-2008 Hyundai Tiburon ARK Rear Sway Bar 22mm

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2003-2008 Hyundai Tiburon ARK Rear Sway Bar 22mm

03-08 Hyundai Tiburon 
Anti Rear Sway Bar (22mm)

Bolt-on a Performance Suspension Components ARK Anti-Sway Bar Kit with Polyurethane Bushings for flat out better handling! Each Performance Suspension Components. ARK Anti-Sway Bar Kit is Engineered to our Specific Vehicle. These Sway Bars are the finest quality available with our over 20 years experience in each one. Made in USA Polyurethane Bushings are included in each Kit for maximum performance. Easy Bolt-On Installation in About an Hour Using Simple Hand Tools-No Welding or Drilling. Heavy Duty 6150 Moly Steel Anti-Sway Bars are Hot-Formed and Heat-Treated for Maximum Strength and Durability. Powder Coated for Weather Resistance and Appearance Turning Dynamics.

Understeer: A common condition with most late model vehicles. As a vehicle goes into a corner, the front tires begin to lose traction and the vehicle "pushes" through the corner causing the driver to turn the steering wheel even more to compensate for the vehicle not following the turn.

Oversteer: This happens when the rear tire loses traction in a turn and the rear end of the vehicle comes around causing the driver to steer in the opposite direction to avoid a spin-out.

Neutral Steer: The ideal cornering situation where both front and rear tires have equal traction and the driver does not have to compensate with steering wheel corrections to complete the turn. The performance suspension components front and rear Anti-Sway Bar Kits, with properly maintained suspension and steering systems, can achieve this ideal situation.

Pipe Dimension
03-ON Hyundai Tiburon
Orange Coated
22mm OD

Key product information:

  • 03-08 Hyundai Tiburon
  • All bolt on system
  • 22mm Heavy Duty 6150 Moly Steel
  • Street Performance Spec
  • 3stage powerder coated Orange
  • Easy DIY

More Information
Parent Product TypeSuspension Upgrades
Product TypesSway Bars
BrandARK Performance
Year Start2003
Year End2008

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